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Latest news

  • July 11 2017, garden party
  • July 11 2017, data science seminar with Altran Research
  • July 3 2017, arrival of Clémence Huckel (Master Sciences du Language, Université de Strasbourg) for a three months internship in partnership with the Victoria University (Canada). She is working with Abdou Salaou, Daniela Damian and Pierre Gançarski on analysis (and classification) of comments extracted of software developper exchanges about their projects.
  • June 25 2017, Pierre Gançarski's PEPS project on 'Deep-learning for remote sensing time series analysis' has been selected for funding by the CNRS
  • June 13 2017, first Halfback's workshop (Interreg V project) with SMEs involved in the project at the Hochschule Furtwangen in Villingen-Schwenningen (Germany).
  • June 12 2017, arrival of Audrey Metzger (Magistère de mathématiques, Unistra) for a one month internship. She will work with Maja Temerinac-Ott and Cédric Wemmert on the study of a robust evaluation procedure for detection methods.
  • June 01 2017, arrival of Laurine Huber (Master Sciences de la cognition et application, Université de Lorraine) for a three months internship in partnership with the company INEVA. She will work with François De Bertrand de Beuvron and Bruno Albert on the instanciation and enrichment of ontologies in the domain of industrial sensory quality control.
  • May 22 2017, arrival of Jean-Marcellin Truong (ENSIMAG) and Arnaud Steinmetz (ENSIIE) for a two-month internship. They will work with Maja Temerinac-Ott and Cédric Wemmert on the development of a deep learning framework and the integration of U-Net for histopathological images analysis.
  • April 24 2017, arrival of Wiem Abbes (PhD student of the University of Sfax in Tunisia) for a two-month internship. She will work with Cedric Wemmert and Stella Marc-Zwecker on the use of ontologies for formalizing rules of diagnosis of melanoma cancer in medical imagery.
  • April 2017, Florence Le Ber will present a paper entitled "A Reasoning Model based on Perennial Crop Allocation Cases and Rules" at ICCBR (26-28 June 2017, Trondheim, Norway).
  • April 6 2017, Interreg V project Halfback's kickoff.
  • April 1st 2017, Interreg V project Halfback has now officially started.
  • March 2017, Cédric Wemmert's project on 'Deep-learning guided by expert knowledge to analyze histopathological images' has been selected for funding (IdEx 2017 "Post-doctorants" of Strasbourg University).
  • March 2017, arrival of Gaëtan Heidsieck (Ecole des Mines Saint-Etienne) for his 6 months MSc internship, in the context of the SEMNET project (Data mining techniques for the IOT-Lab). This work is supervised in collaboration by the Network team (F. Theoleyre) and SDC (S. Marc-Zwecker, F. Le Ber, G. Frey).
  • February 2017, Cristina Nica will present her work about "Hierarchies of Weighted Closed Partially-Ordered Patterns for Enhancing Sequential Data Analysis" at ICFCA (Rennes, June 2017).
  • December 15, 2016, Interreg V project Halfback is granted.
  • December 5 2016, association of Cecilia Zanni-Merk.
  • November 30, meeting on the SEMNET project.
  • November 28, team meeting on remote sensing: Fernando Roda presented his work, and brainstorming on our toolbox.
  • November 17 2016, Agnès Braud has been elected at the Research Comittee of the University of Strasbourg.
  • November 16-17 2016, Pierre Gançarski and Nicolas Lachiche presented the Coclico and Reframe projects respectively at the French "Rencontres du Numérique de l'ANR".
  • Since end-September 2016, Fernando Roda is invited by the team in the context of his postdoctoral studies, for a stay of two months and a half. He is mainly working with Stella Marc-Zwecker and Caroline Rudolf in the design of an ontology for a spatio-temporal reasoning, applied to a series of urban satellite imagery from Coclico project.
  • October 6 2016, Andres Troya will defend his PhD thesis.
  • September 7 2016, Bruno Albert has been awarded for the Best Student Paper Award at KES 2016 ( for his paper "Portable Decision Support for Diagnosis of Traumatic Brain Injury". Congratulations, Bruno!!
  • July 19 2016, Agnès Braud has been elected at section 06 (Computer and Information Sciences) of the National Committee for Scientific Research.
  • June 30 2016, Clément Charnay defended his PhD thesis, "Enhancing Supervised Learning with Complex Aggregate Features and Context Sensitivity".
  • June 29 2016, Meeting on remote sensing research in the team.
  • June 2016, Cecilia Zanni-Merk leaves for a Professor position at the INSA in Rouen. Florence Le Ber takes over the animation of the theme Knowledge Engineering and semantic technologies. Cédric Wemmert will be the new Deputy Head of the team.

Team meetings

Monday, 1:30pm, C330

  • July 11: barbecue
  • June 21, permanents: Profils de postes MCF et CR
  • May 31, permanents: Plateformes
  • May 24, permanents: Formations big data
  • May 10, permanents: Préparation présentation L3
  • March 29, 9h30: Amira, Data Integration and Visualization for Knowledge Mapping in Strasbourg University
  • March 1: Ali, Formal Modeling and Qualitative Reasoning for understanding the behaviour of Complex Biomolecular Network
  • February 1: Pas de réunion car évaluation HCERES
  • January 25: Pas de réunion car assemblée générale ICube
  • January 18, 2017: Permanents, avancement du big data côté formations
  • January 11, 2017: Permanents, préparation HCERES