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Latest news

  • October 01: Start of the PhD of Florian Allender about Deep learning for Texture synthesis
  • September 27: Organization of a seminar on big data analysis for SMEs in industry 4.0 (Halfback's project)
  • July 2018: Article on complex aggregate accepted in Machine Learning Journal
  • May 31 Seminar Artificial intelligence and the media, Nello Cristianini
  • March 27 Seminar "intégration de contraintes dans des méthodes de clustering" - Ian Davidson, Professeur à l'Université de Californie Davis.
  • March 22, new PhD, Hajer Akid, on NoSQL datawarehouse
  • March 19, new internship on anomaly detection
  • February 16 2018, second Halfback's workshop (Interreg V project) with SMEs involved in the project
  • January 2018: Project granted on Seed Money call: Data Analysis for Improving High Performance Computing Operations and Research
  • October 20 2017: new temporary lecturer, Etienne Schneider, carrying research on behaviour learning
  • October 13 2017: Cristina Nica defended her PhD Thesis 'Exploring Sequential Data with Relational Concept Analysis'
  • October 2017: arrival of Odyssée Merveille, postdoc for the IdEx project on 'Deep-learning guided by expert knowledge to analyze histopathological images'
  • October 2017: Beginning of a collaboration with SOCOMEC on big data
  • September 2017: arrival of Romain Pelletier (Master Ingénierie du Logiciel et des Connaissances, Université de Strasbourg), for a two years apprenticeship. He will work on the HALFBACK project with Agnès Braud and Nicolas Lachiche
  • September 2017: arrival of a new lecturer, Ahmed Samet, at INSA
  • September 2017: Start of two PhDs with Serbia (Jelica Vasiljevic and Mihaelo Obrenovic)

Team meetings

Monday, 1:30pm, C330

  • November 12: Aurélie Leborgne
  • October 1, 11h30: Thomas Guyet
  • September 24: Paul de Kerret (CR candidate)
  • June 18: Mihailo Obrenovic, Jelica Vasiljevic
  • May 28: Osman Abul, From Location to Location Pattern Privacy
  • April 23: Emmanuelle Claeys
  • April 9: Thibaut Fabacher
  • March 26: Francky Randrianasoa
  • March 12: Odyssée, projet Sysmifta
  • November 27, Pierre Memheld
  • October 23, 15h30: permanents, master big data
  • October 16: Etienne Schneider
  • September 25: réunion de rentrée
  • September 11, 11h: ongoing projects