Ahmed Samet

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Short Bio

Dr. Ahmed Samet is a associate professor with the Data Science et Knowledge Group at the ICUBE laboratory and the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées of Strasbourg. He holds an M.S (2010) in Computer Science from the University of Tunis-ELManar, Tunisia and a Ph.D (2014) in Computer Science from University of Artois, France.

Research interests

  • Uncertain data mining
  • Uncertainty modelling
  • Machine Learning under Uncertainty
  • Industry 4.0

Current Projects

  • HALFBACK (2017-2020) : Highly available smart factories in the Cloud (Interreg V Rhin Supérieur)
  • DA-HPC-OR (2018-2020) : Data Analysis for Improving High Performance Computing Operations and Research (Eucor – The European Campus)